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(Green Apple)

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"The unforgettable experience of your senses spark and snap as taste buds explode in the ambiance of this light green glow"

Flavor Profile Description

Green Apple

You know how Granny Smith green apples are crisp and slightly tart, yet sweet all at the same time? This describes our green apple flavor perfectly.


Mixing Instructions

1) Add 1 gram of extract and 0.5 ml of voodoo drips in shot glass

2) Heat ( in microwave ) for 15-20 seconds

3) Stir the solution thoroughly and mix evenly

4) Pour into tank / cartridge and start vaping . Start with small puffs

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Mixing Ratio 

Dissolve up to 5 gram per 1 ml 
Recommended Amount : 1 gram per 0.5 ml   
Can be mixed with Aura ( Flavorless) to dilute the e juice